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We can not recommend having this hammock enough.
This hammock can be part of your baby’s favourite “places to be” from the moment you arrive from hospital till their reach 15 kilograms or 36months.
The durable shell is made of 100% cotton, because your little ones deserve the best.
As our motto says - “Where calm begins and fun never ends”

It’s secured at one point, which means Your baby
• can have a nap in it as it can function as a cradle,
• can sit in it and use it as a swing,
• can use it as a jumperoo with the additional spring.
It has several advantages:
• it moves every direction;
• it helps to develop balance, eye-hand coordinations, makes legs stronger;
• it helps baby prepare to start the big movements;
• it helps during tough times, like teething, tummy aches, or being stuck at home because of bad weather.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review